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All versions of Windows from 2000 to 8.1 & 2012 R2. including both 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) editions

Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse/Logitech's SetPoint application to allow advanced customization of your mouse buttons.

CS Source Webserver

Windows HL2 (CSS) Server Plug-in

CSS Server plug-in to host a web server under your Counterstrike Source server


Windows (anything that runs the .Net Framework v1.1)

Utility to monitor network throughput on devices supporting SNMP such as the Vigor 2600, Billion 7402, Cisco 2600.


MS Flight Simulator 2002, 2004

Plug-in DLL to record simulator flight data in industry standard ARINC file format. The data can then be analysed by FOQA type software.

InpOut32 x64 port

An i386 & x64 compatible
version of ImpOut32

My own port of the versatile Dynamic Link Library for parallel port interfacing originally written by Logix4U


LCD Smartie 5.3

An LCD Smartie Plug-in to provide various network functions, including SNMP Get and Ping allowing display of these values on your LCD Screen.


Win XP/2003 x64 (AMD64/EMT64)

Simple save and restore desktop icon layout for Windows XP x64

Iconoid 3.8.4 x64

NOTE: This author of Iconoid has released an updated x64 version here

Win XP/2003/Vista/7 (?) x64 (AMD64/EMT64)

My original (old) version of the x64 port of Iconoid by SillySoft.

This program is SillyWare. There is no fee, and no expectation of payment. But... It would be nice if you send the author something silly and completely devoid of value. If you would like to make a donation to help support Iconoid you can do so on the Iconoid donation page.

PhilsUtils 2

Microsoft Visual Studio.Net
Supports Office 2003/2007 for spell checker

Visual Studio .NET (2002/2003) plug-in to provide toolbar options for:

  • Switching between associated source and header files.
  • Toggle read-only attribute of the active document.
  • Office based spelling checker to check strings in the active document
  • Ability to to open (in windows explorer) the folder that contains the active document.

PhilsUtils 2005

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010
Supports Office 2003/2007 for spell checker

Visual Studio 2005,2008 & 2010 plug-in.
Provides everything that Phils Utils 2 (above) does for the latest VS environments.

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All software is provided as is. The author (Phil) can not guarantee stability, compatibility or that the software will not cause any damage.
The author has tested the software and runs most of the software internally. All files are scanned for known viruses/malware before being made available on-line.