Ever wanted to monitor you router throughput?
Ever used
IOG but found it lacking in several areas?
Running a Windows based server?

Maybe SNMPThroughput is for you!

SNMPThroughput is a .Net based application which will graph your router throughput in a similar fashion to IOG providing daily usage logging (by hour), weekly, & monthly logging (by day), yearly logging by month and an all-time logging by year. Unlink IOG, SNMPThroughput is a standalone windows application developed in c# so sorry to all you *nix users and PERL lovers out there.

Why SNMPThroughput - surely IOG is good enough?

After several months of using IOG I had several problems which resulted in me loosing all of the captured data. Whilst this was partially my fault for not having a recent backup, I was unable to restore the data in a simple way and therefore lost all the data.I finally decided I wanted more from my logging so I wrote my own (hey I was bored too!).

Advantages over IOG:


I guess the best example is my own site... You can see the results here. These have been generated using my Vigor 2600 and more recently, Billion Bipac 7402, Asus RT-N66U and now Asus AC3200 router(s).


Download SNMPThroughput v4.1 and a basic [example] config file here *** Read the README.TXT for installation information and full version history ***
I recommend
Fire Daemon if you want to run SNMPThroughput as a system service in daemon mode.

Please note, I can not guanentee the accuracy of the data but it offers close comparison to my ISP's results. Many people, including myself, have been running SNMPThroughput for years with no obvious problems, however I can not be held responsible for any loss of data or problems arising from the use of SNMPThroughput. Check the readme.txt file for installation details and a full version history.


Contact me if you have any questions/queries.
Feel free to sign up and discuss any problems in my own
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